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The Association

As an alliance between competence centers and the business framework, Inndromeda represents a collective public-private collaborative effort that includes the participation of the Confederación Empresarial de la Comunitat Valenciana (CEV), National Spanish Research Center (CSIC) in the Valencian Community, the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (Redit) and its eleven associated centers, as well as universities and the Generalitat (regional government).

Together, these make up Inndromeda, a non-profit association that supports the incorporation of Valencian companies’ productive framework and services into the current technological revolution, which is much more disruptive and accelerated than others that have come before it.

Inndromeda drives the development and implementation of key enabling technologies in the Valencian Community, technologies that are considered knowledge-intensive and categorized as potential drivers of disruptive innovation for the economy and society in the coming years. Key enabling technologies are distinguished from others by the following attributes:

  • A high degree of knowledge integrated from the fields of science, technology and engineering due to their origin in these disciplines.
  • Rapid adoption due to their immediate and potential application in different areas of production and economic activity.
  • Require large investment in the form of capital, infrastructure, equipment and qualified personnel (R&D).
  • Large impact on the production system and a high level of added value.
  • Combination of physical and digital innovations.

Inndromeda makes a specialized network of infrastructure and next-generation demonstrative and experimental spaces present in our region available to companies in the Valencian Community in order for them to evaluate the real impact of these technologies on their products, processes and organization, to carry out pilot projects and to try said technologies before adapting and acquiring them, among other aims.

Inndromeda offers consulting and training for all types of companies, regardless of their size, sector or market, with the main objective of accelerating the incorporation of key enabling technologies. Its multiple services focus on:

  • The search, selection, testing and adaptation of technological solutions that best fit company needs.
  • Access to a network in order to establish contact between businesses in the same value chain and innovators and/or clients that want to try out the solution.
  • Identification and preparation of applications for investment support programs that facilitate access to potential investors.
  • Training activities with a high degree of specialization in order to give companies and their staff the necessary competences.

Presentation of Inndromeda